Who is

Tim Randall?

Hometown :Burlington, Ontario

Education:   Assumption Catholic Secondary School 

                        University of Guelph

Athletic Background

            Tim has always been interested in sports.  He played hockey, baseball, and basketball growing up.  Once Tim got to high school, he starting playing football and hitting the gym.  Tim continued playing football while attending the University of Guelph.

            Tim's final year at Guelph coincided with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.  While watching the bobsleigh events on TV, Tim told his friends and family: "I can do that."  Later that year, after attending a couple of tryouts in the summer, Tim was an official member of the Canadian National Bobsleigh Team.

Career Highlights 

In 2012, Tim was part of the Canadian team that won a bronze medal at the World Cup event in Whistler, British Columbia. 


   Tim lives and trains with the rest of team Canada in Calgary, Alberta.  His World Cup tour begins with a race on November 26th in Calgary, and has eight stops in North America and Europe before the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Every race counts, as Tim's team must qualify their sled in order to attend the Games.